wesmar offer following Services

Safety and Compliance

Wesmar knows that keeping up with regulations can be a challenge for any business, we deal with it ourselves!  That’s why we decided years ago that we wanted to reduce that burden on our accounts as much as we can.  Whether it is making sure that all of your chemicals are properly labeled, providing customized SDS files and binders or getting you the safety gear you need our reps are there for you!


One of the strengths that Wesmar has developed over the years is a wealth of experience and resources to help your business.  Our representatives can provide hands on training to your employees whether it is workshops for your Service Advisors and Technicians, training your Detailers on everything from Interior Cleaning to Buffing, or showing your Body Men and Painters the tips and tricks that make our products stand above the rest!  On top of that, our vendor partners are an added resource giving us access to the top experts in the industry who can in turn provide you some of the best training in the country.  We also have an ever growing library of professional videos to provide your employees training whenever they can fit it in to their busy schedule.


Inventory Management

It is our goal to deliver more than products to your business.  Our representatives are trained to keep your inventory in line whether it is Tire Dressing, Wynn’s Service Chemicals, Sandpaper and Fasteners or Mighty Auto Parts.  We strive to make sure you have enough products to accommodate your needs but never something you don’t need.  We don’t just put products on your shelves, we constantly monitor your inventory usage to keep up with the ebb and flow of your business.  Our representatives will even help you organize your shop and do our part to keep it that way, ensuring that your employees never have to search for what they need to get their job done.   Helping your team to have time to service their customers and run your business.

Marketing, Customer Retention, Business Analytics

Businesses have so many marketing options out there.  Through our vendor relationships we are able to offer the best value to our accounts in that arena.  We offer digital or paper menus, signage, brochures and posters.  We can also help with email or standard mail due for service reminders.

When it comes to information about your business, every SMS or DMS can get it for you.  But why do they make it so hard?  Wesmar has the tools to enable your managers to efficiently inspect what they expect, eliminating hours of work putting the information together and giving them the power to make business decisions immediately, before it’s too late to do something about it!